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What You Need To Know About Bail Reforms

Over the years, the justice system has seen a number of major changes, among them, bail reforms. The term bail generally refers to the release of an accused person from jail as they await trial. In most cases, bail is usually set in monetary terms. The Problem Once a person is arrested and charged in a court of law, they are afforded the opportunity to go before the court and ask to be free as they await their trial. The court may

Will Trump’s Asian Policy Fail?

Once again, Donald Trump makes statements that cause rage and astonishment across the globe. In December 2017 Trump announced what he called “America First National Security Strategy”. This strategy highlighted the US major concerns and how the administration plans to deal with them. The 68-pages document involves a lot about dealing with US biggest rivals; China and Russia. Both countries are enjoying growing powers in the South Asian region. The current administration thinks that it will ultimately threaten the US’s

Will Palestinians Settle In Sinai?

There are a lot of speculations about the best solution for the permanent problems of the Palestinians. With growing conflict, finding an alternative land for them seems to be a feasible option. Donald Trump, the American President has been eyeing Sinai as a new home to the people of Palestine who are currently causing a lot of imbalance to the foundations of Israel. But the answer to the problem is not that easy. When the Israeli Social Equality Minister, Gila Gamliel

Lifting the Refugee Ban: Is Trump Really Letting More People In?

Last January, Trump decided to lift the ban that was earlier approved concerning refugees of 11 countries. Nevertheless, the Rescue Committee decided to allow about 21,000 refugees only this year, a number way below the 45,000 limit set by the administration. The early ban decision caused chaos, discomfort and raised a lot of question marks concerning the US opinion regarding some of its political allies like Egypt and regions that suffer from war crisis like Syria. The number is way