What You Need To Know About Bail Reforms

//What You Need To Know About Bail Reforms

Over the years, the justice system has seen a number of major changes, among them, bail reforms. The term bail generally refers to the release of an accused person from jail as they await trial. In most cases, bail is usually set in monetary terms.

The Problem

Once a person is arrested and charged in a court of law, they are afforded the opportunity to go before the court and ask to be free as they await their trial. The court may agree to release the accused person provided that they satisfy a number of stated conditions; among them a set bail amount.

Where bail is set, the accused is forced to secure the same from a variety of sources available to them including bail bondsmen. It is worth noting that any accused person unable to meet the bail amount remains in jail.

Those unable to meet their bail, mainly from a poor background, are subject to a variety of negative consequences. For instance, they may be fired from their job due to the extended absence from work, or even fail to take any medication they may be on.

Various bail reforms have been introduced over the years in a bid to make the justice system, and the bail system to be specific, fair to all involved whether rich or poor.

The New System

The most recent bail reforms aim to further eliminate the need for monetary bail. In this new system, judges will have to rely on a result produced by a computerized system. The algorithm takes several predetermined factors into consideration before producing a recommendation on whether an accused person should be released or remanded until their trial is complete.

It is worth noting that, judges still have the option to choose otherwise given the facts of the case as argued by the prosecution.

What It Means For The Bail Bonds Business

This new system is seen to pose a threat to the bail bonds business as there is a huge reduction in the number of cases where cash bail is set for the release of accused persons. In some cases, however, bail will still be set in monetary terms.

In closing, this step in bail reform is being seen as a step in the right direction as far as equality before the law is concerned. Securing release from jail will no longer solely rely on a person’s access to cash.

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