Will Palestinians Settle In Sinai?

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There are a lot of speculations about the best solution for the permanent problems of the Palestinians. With growing conflict, finding an alternative land for them seems to be a feasible option. Donald Trump, the American President has been eyeing Sinai as a new home to the people of Palestine who are currently causing a lot of imbalance to the foundations of Israel.

But the answer to the problem is not that easy. When the Israeli Social Equality Minister, Gila Gamliel called for a Palestinian homeland in Sinai, her proposal was received with great social and political dismay. Government officials and most Egyptians made it very clear that this solution is unacceptable. The proposal goes back to 2014 when it was equally rejected by the Palestinian and Egyptian sides.

Gamliel insists that this might be the only practical solution to the current situation although it might not be appealing to Israel’s Arab neighbors and to the Egyptian side in particular. She further explains that there should be no state for Palestine between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean. This means that the conflict will remain, thus affecting other countries. For this reason, it only makes sense that parts of their lands should be considered while working out a solution.

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