Will Trump’s Asian Policy Fail?

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Once again, Donald Trump makes statements that cause rage and astonishment across the globe. In December 2017 Trump announced what he called “America First National Security Strategy”. This strategy highlighted the US major concerns and how the administration plans to deal with them. The 68-pages document involves a lot about dealing with US biggest rivals; China and Russia. Both countries are enjoying growing powers in the South Asian region. The current administration thinks that it will ultimately threaten the US’s prosperity and welfare.

Pakistan and Afghanistan are also mentioned in the document. The internal peace of Afghanistan is a major issue with special focus given to the Indian role to restore peace. India is one of the biggest allies for the United States in the region and can help restore balance along the Indian Ocean.

At the same time, Pakistan is also mentioned with special requests to identify their counterterrorism efforts. If the Pakistani government wishes to achieve peace then they will have to make sure that their partnership with the US is safe. Pakistan will have to offer all Taliban militias on the negotiation table if they want to live in peace.

The question remains if the US policy will fail. With Trump’s statements and eccentric actions, the future is still uncertain.

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